What Is The Infinishop And What Does It Do?

Infinishop Review (The Amazon Affiliate Website Builder)

Bloggers, affiliate marketers and Amazon Associates alike, please listen!

Today’s article is my review of this Infinishop and if you wish to know how to earn money online with your blog you’re going to need to read this.

I have come across a product that’s thought to be revolutionizing the way bloggers make money online, so obviously, I had to check it. I’m a big fan of the Amazon community and I’m always looking for ways to increase my earnings.What Is The Infinishop And What Does It Do?

What Is The Infinishop And What Does It Do?

Infinishop (FSB) is an Amazon affiliate website builder that can help you build up Amazon Stores (as an affiliate) with ease and little to no expertise.

Reviews online are saying it’s the BEST Amazon store builder in the marketplace. I guess we will find out within this review.

After succumbing to positive reviews and all the hype I’ve read about it, I had no option but to get it and try out the product for myself.

And I am delighted to report, that I really like this product.

It does just what it says; builds Amazon stores with ease and the stores look amazing.

Let’s take a look at some.

How Does”Infinishop” Work?

You can pick a template and start looking for products, As soon as you install the software on your site.

You’ll Get a lot of tutorials on how to set up your store but let me show you just how easy it is to add products to your shop:

All you have to do is:

After you hit the”Browse Products” buttons, you’ll have a list of product items that fit your description pulled straight from Amazon

Let me just explain the areas shown by the lines:


Those are the list of products the database turned up for you, it will show you hundreds and thousands of products you can add but I could only fit a few in my screenshot.

This shows how popular the product is on Amazon, thus, you’ll be able to choose products that have been proven to sell


This will allow you to add the products to different classes, such as:

  • Dishwashers
  • Blenders
  • Cleaning Products
  • Furniture
  • etc

“The Add Button”

That green button is all you have to appear on your shop. That is it.

It will pull on the merchandise and feature it. And it won’t just pull on the product, it will pull all the information with it:

  • Product Title
  • Item Image
  • Item Description
  • Product Manufacturer Info
  • Product Reviews

All these will be available for your client to see on your page.

*Now this procedure will be considered”duplicate content” by search engines, that’s the reason why you will have to go into each individual product and edit and re-write the titles, this is essential if you want your shop to rank in the search engines. This is not difficult to do though, you will find out how to edit the merchandise from the tutorials supplied.

The Stores Look Amazing

While I have only created one store, for now, I plan to create more and more as I go along.

The templates used are very clean, super easy to navigate and professional looking and they are also optimized.

Its Simplicity All

Building your store is easy, as you can see by now and you’ll be able to add products with just a click of the button. Super simple!

The Shopping Cart

Your store will include an integrated shopping cart which means that while the reader is browsing, he has the choice to click the”Add To Cart” button.

Once finished, he can visit his cart, visit his items, click”check out”. All is left to do then is to pay using his Amazon Account.

Obviously, the products all would come embedded with your affiliate ID so you will make money off.

Also, Amazon provides you a cookie if things are added to his cart as long as they are bought by him you will get paid!
Things I Did Not Like About FreshStore Builder

There Are Plenty of Upsells

This has been the standard to many”make money” goods and I just hate it. I understand it is part of the business but I truly don’t enjoy being”pressured” to buy more and more items after my initial purchase.

There are 6 total upsells you will need to jump through to get to your product and if chose to buy all of them, you are looking at another $300 expense (give or take).

What Are The Upsells?

The upsells are training on how to create a WordPress blog alongside your store, how to rank for keywords that are competitive and there is an upsell for store themes that are additional.

I opted to avoid all the upsells because I have a bit if expertise online and I don’t”need” training on the best way best to rank pages and articles.

But if this search engine optimization talk does not make sense to you but you would like to learn, I recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate out. It will teach you all you will need to know for FREE.

It Doesn’t Run On WordPress

Why? As it’s just the simplest and best way to make a site.

However, FSB does not run on WordPress (that was a surprise for me and a took a decent amount of time to install).

I had to buy a new domain, get it hosted and go through the detailed process (tutorial available with FSB) on how to install the applications’ database.

This isn’t really a”con” in itself, it’s just a much more complicated way of starting a website.
It Is A Nightmare For SEO as is

Please note the “as is”!

As I’ve said already, all the content FSB pulls from the Amazon database, i.e the information you would have in your shop is duplicate content, which if you have any clue about SEO, you would know that is a big NO-NO.

However, FSB understands this and has made it effortless for you to go into the item descriptions and write unique content in its place — that solves the issue of duplicate content but gives you lots of work to do.

I was going to build the store on a subdomain but then opted to buy a new domain and build the shop independently — which was a brilliant idea as I have found that using a subdomain with duplicate content will hurt the entire domain’s authority.

While I am in the process of fixing all of the product names and descriptions for my shop, I’m not stressing much about it.

I will be driving traffic to it with my already established blog (which gets about 10,000 traffic a month), through my email list to the website and through the social networking channels that luckily, I’ve built up nicely in the past 3 decades.

Among the upsells mentioned previously will let you incorporate WordPress blog into it and use it as a blog to write keyword focused articles and publish them on your store.

How To Install Infinishop

You would have to purchase a domain and a hosting package first then follow the instructions provided.

Don’t worry if you are a newbie and this sounds a bit too technical. I was also a newbie (with starting sites outside of WordPress) but I was able to follow the easy instructions to get the store up and running.

How Much Can Infinishop Cost?

Infinishop Builder Pricing Plans

There are 3 versions of pricing that you can pick from.

  • Personal: $40.26
  • Developer: $99.95

I bought the”Business Package: for a 1 time fee for $49.95 (which sadly, might have increased by the time you read this).

Then you can pick the package that is personal but believe that you get 3 stores while for the additional $ 9 dollars or so, you can make an unlimited number of stores, if you need to do 1 shop.

Can It End Up Costing Me?

Obviously, on so I had to dish out some change and an extra $70 for a brand new domain name and hosting for a year, I needed to establish a new website to install this software.

So if you have not got a site yet, you would definitely need you to use Infinishop Builder so variable in the cost of how much you will spend on sites and hosting + the product fee.

For mepersonally, this experimentation ended up costing me around $120.

Can I Recommend It?

Yes I do.

If you would like to begin using the Amazon Associates program, and you’ve got some money to spend, then”Infinishop” is ideal for you.
You Can Purchase Infinishop in a DISCOUNT from here.

How Does This Compare To Other Affiliate Website Builders?

If you have read my guide about the best way to make money as an Amazon Associate, you will see that the best training course I recommend to learn how to earn money is Wealthy Affiliate.

That one bit does not change.

Wealthy Affiliate remains the #1 item you will need to test (for free) to learn and know how to create money online.

Infinishop Builder is more of a tool instead of training and therefore don’t expect to learn the basis of internet business through this course.

In Closing

I’ll be publishing my earning report for my Infinishop store here in a few months (that is when I will have clear data on everything) so make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so I will let you know when it goes live.

Thank you very much for reading my Infinishop review, I hope this post was informative for you.

You also check other product reviews I have done previously and can read more posts on my website here.

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