Bitcoin Era review — is a scam?

Bitcoin Era review — is a scam?

Beware! This is an broker! Your investment may be in danger.


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Frequently produced in the most absurd manner — their sites are absolutely self-serving and are all made following the same outline. In most cases all they must provide is a easy, narrated trailer-video which, ideally, should persuade traders to invest with them. Bitcoin Era does not differ from the remainder and we are presented with a movie regarding the opportunities of Bitcoin made of sliced extracts from interviews and news with economists. It’s fairly general and doesn’t offer anything special. From what we could differentiate — the crypto robot is offering some type of auto-trading software which is pretty much the case with another robot. There is even an icon on the top left corner of the website supposedly showing clients winning cash in real time — another popular trope of crypto robots. We also read that the clients of this robot”became millionaires”; we are inclined to suspect the validity of such claims. Here’s a screenshot of the webpage:

No title, no address, no number

After performing our usual research we come across disturbing, but not surprising, results. It turns out that Bitcoin Era is a part of probably the most popular scam on the market. Precisely through these sites, dressed up with farcical chances for bonuses, traders are convinced to enroll and carelessly give their address, contact number and email. Minutes after that same personal data is delivered to brokers as”prospects” and the registered traders start getting phone calls from unregulated forex brokers like FXWorld24 or Aspen Holding, urging them to invest. Inexpensive traffic is really the merchandise Bitcoin Era are offering, not some trading application ahead of the marketplace that may incur wealth to any prepared trader.However, we were unable to enroll and can’t know for sure whether the crypto robot is in fact connected with some Forex agent. Id:

Usually after enrolling the trader goes directly to the page of a broker.

No verified track record

Even if we choose to believe Bitcoin Era about it is new product — which we certainly do not advise — that there are still problems. To put it bluntly — we have no guarantee that the crypto robot will deliver on its promises. In trading there are social trading platforms like the Zulutrade where you may search through the profiles of different traders and find out just how much they are losing or winning before investing in money with them. This is achieved through tracking every deal they have made and even viewing the outcomes of all the rest of their followers. Such transparency adds significant assurance and partly, if not entirely, removes risk. Where like half-baked and senseless websites such as Bitcoin Era you’re relying upon blind faith.

No regulatory oversight

Furthermore, there is absolutely no regulatory warranty about the whole product. The people behind the website do not fall under any regulatory oversight and their hands are untied to do pretty much as they want. They also lack SSL encryption that simplifies any information transferred through the site.

Last, but not least the mere manner in which such surgeries look for capital should raise major security concerns. If the crypto robot truly did offer an intriguing and legitimate solution, it might have found an alternative way of financing itself, rather than relying on cheap traffic via a cheesy bait-clicking firm about itself. Although, to be able to do that successfully, they have to be legitimate — they most likely are not.

Overall, Bitcoin Era comes across as a normal scam operation — the likes of which we’ve seen a lot — and we advise those interested to not risk it.

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