Anik Singal’s eSCAPE Book Review

Anik Singal’s eSCAPE Book Review

ESCAPE Book by Anik SingalHey, today I’m here to announce the NEW book by Anik Singal called”eSCAPE”. It teaches the 4 STAGES of becoming a successful ENTREPRENEUR.

And since I have got the opportunity to write the eSCAPE review, I won’t miss it.

The book initially launched on August 14, 2018! Access your FREE copy here!

Anik Singal, one of the top entrepreneurs, teaches how to start from”e” and reach the point”E” in his book. The little”e” in the word eSCAPE signifies an”Employee”. And, the big”E” signifies an”Entrepreneur”.

By employee, it doesn’t mean that you ought to be an employee working in some company. It simply means starting from the scratch as a newcomer and reaching to the point where you have your own successful business.

And, if you get a full-time occupation, then you’ll surely be able to quit your job shortly.

The book is a mission of Anik’s REAL life story; how:

he started,
Drowned into the debts,
Almost went on the deathbed,
Figured success formula to re-establish, and
how he became a successful entrepreneur.

He’s clear in his book. His mission is simple! He wants everyone to learn the 4 easy steps to become an entrepreneur.

There’s absolutely no unnecessary information. The book is “to-the-point” showing you the success formula from “e-to-E”.

Now, what exactly does the S-C-A-P-E mean at the word eSCAPE?

S stands for Self: which makes you work on some CORE characteristics in yourself towards the path to becoming an Entrepreneur.

C stands for Catapult: Teaches the 5 approaches to plan and discover your goals.

A stands for Authority: Learn the essentials to conquer leadership and authority.

P stands for People: This measure reveals how exactly you can become an entrepreneur and achieve success in the competitive industry.

What is inside the book?

EScape Book Members AreaThe physical version of the book was divided into 32 chapters and many other sections.

While the digital version is split into 37 modules, 185 lessons, and two bonuses.

You get access to online version free once you cover the shipping charges.

P.S. — There is not any PDF or downloadable version of the publication.

Here is the breakdown of what’s inside the physical book:

Section #1 (First 8 Chapters): Explains exactly what an Entrepreneur really mean and how misconceptions lead to failures.

Section #2 (The Remaining 24 Chapters): In this segment, Anik Singal clarifies the four phases in more detail. He defines the most important 5 characteristics required to conquer Entrepreneurship.

Section #4 (FULL Report on where you should Focus): Here you get a detailed report on the main areas you need to concentrate on.

Section #5 (Real Case Studies & Stories): In this segment, you will see REAL success stories of Anik’s pupils, former coaches, and mentors. It’s a pretty cool section

The image below shows the chapters in the book. These chapters are divided into modules and further into lessons.

eScape Book Chapters & Modules

Does it actually help you to be a successful entrepreneur?

“An Entrepreneur is someone who claims a problem and makes the decision to own the process of finding an answer to this problem. And that solution creates tremendous value in the lives of others”, says Anik.

Likewise, if I am the owner of an search engine optimization company, then I claim that SEO is the significant problem a business faces. And, I provide a solution, which is, SEO services to get your business grow and appear top in the search results.

I’ve been following Anik for almost 8 years and believe in his teachings completely. He’s always created training programs and courses that actually help people build an online business.

Naturally, how people follow his instructions is completely their choice.

The way to get your free copy?

It’s quick! Just go here and enter your basic contact information. You will also be asked to pay a small shipping fee. Once done, you will be mailed the FREE physical copy of the book.

Shipment within America and Canada can take up to 1 week. And, shipping to the other countries can take 3-4 weeks.

But until you receive your physical backup, you should begin reading the book chapters online.

The whole book has been added to the #LurnNation platform. As soon as you pay the shipping fee for the physical book, you’ll receive immediate access to the digital version for FREE!

As mentioned earlier, the digital version is in the form of online course wrapped into the members area. The members area is split into modules and further into several lessons.

The book chapters are in the text version completely. And as you complete a lesson, you will see a progress bar on the top-left side.

Where do I login?

The moment your card is charged, you will receive access to the LURN dashboard at the registered email address.

And, if you haven’t received any email, then there may 3 possible reasons:

You entered an incorrect email address (or mistyped it) during the registration process,
The email went to the spam folder
Login was not generated because of technical glitches.

In any of the situations, contact the LURN service team at They generally reply in an hour or two.

It is also possible to re-check by clicking on the”I have lost my password”. As soon as you do so, you receive an email with the reset password link on the registered email address. If you don’t receive any email, contact the support staff.

Although the book is totally free, you will have to pay for the shipping charges. Additionally, one definitely needs to invest some money to construct an online business.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need tens of thousands but a few dollars are all set. Likewise, you may need a domain name, a hosting account to host your site, some content and paid traffic.

Take an investment of USD 100 to USD 500 about to get started.

WAIT! I have a SURPRISE bonus that you cut off the expenses. Check my exclusive bonuses at the end of this review.

Needless to say, they do! Along with the eSCAPE book, you’re being offered Anik Singal’s brand NEW class called”Millionaire Mentor”. It’s a VIDEO series where Anik himself mentors you through the journey of becoming a millionaire.

Also, you will come across the NEW masterclass called”The eSCAPE Masterclass”. It is the 8-week intensive course including weekly LIVE courses with Anik straight and webinars with his expert coaches.

You can ask questions and interact with other learners in the community section. Everything is available right under the members area.

Another upsell is the eScape Accelerator that’s a step by step recorded training. With this upgrade, you will also receive the eSCAPE audiobook, cliffs notes, and the workbook too.

I really believe the book is worth reading. It comprises the most recent market trends, real statistics, and updated information.

What else?

When you have any questions, feel to free to write in the comment box below.

The Bonuses

As soon as you make your choice and pay for the shipping, you’ll receive access to 3 amazing bonuses.

That is it? Of course not! Besides the above three, you will also qualify for my SPECIAL bonuses below:

Bonus #1 — FREE Domain Name

With the purchase of this eScape book through my link, you can find a domain name of your choice at NO COST (. com, .org, .net — 1 YEAR).

Bonus #2 — Hosting Server

You’ll also receive a hosting space on my own server. No fees; just host and make any changes you want. Saves your recurring server cost.

BONUS #3 — Traffic Worth $100 (PROMISED!)

You have to confess, traffic is everything. Without traffic, nothing can boost your earnings. I will give you traffic value $100 totally FREE, from any traffic source you wish to purchase (applicable after payment of full pack only).

BONUS #4 — 24/7 Complete Support

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